Vintage Football Jumpers

Vintage AFL Football Jumpers are a piece of living history . They are a knitted piece of nostalgia , reminding fans of  their first football jumper or their first footy game , played at their clubs old home ground , largely no longer in use .

Sure the newer , slicker models are ergonomically designed , and are rated as a superior product , but nothing beats the scratchy wool / acrylic feel , of the old model . The style of the jumper and the sponsors logos date it . They place it back in time , when footy was for saturday afternoon entertainment , and you could walk to your local ground , and buy a ticket at the gate . You stood if it was a big crowd , often atop the  slab of beer cans , that had been carried into the ground by your mates .

Vintage Football jumpers evoke a wave of nostalgia , and are still looking good . Generally they are smaller in size than the current models  but they are much bigger in reputation.

old style hawks

old style hawks

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