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Football Players Retire

Four players have announced their retirement this week from their AFL playing career posing the question who will adopt their numbers for season 2011?

Dreamtime Round

The AFL Round 9 fixture was labelled the Dreamtime Round to honour the contribution indigenous players make to the Competition.

No longer uniquely Melbourne ?

The AFL hopes to attract even more fans to the Game as Melbourne Demons beat Port Adelaide Power at the weekend’s exhibition match in Darwin .

Football Jumpers

How modern football jumpers work as a great ambassador for AFL football by their stylish practicality and uniqueness of design .

Weekend Games

Lots of the results of afl round 8 played at the weekend were unexpected.

The AFL Football

Engineering academic compares afl football to a soccer ball and finds the soccer ball is more reliable in its flight path .

Interstate Football Jumpers , Jerseys , Guernseys

Collingwood Magpies playing in their iconic black and white football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys beat Fremantle at home in Western Australia on Friday night .

Jumpers in winter

The modern sleeveless style of jumper , jersey ,guernsey is worn by fans in Winter to keep warm.

Numbers on Jumpers

Discusses how numbers were sewn , then ironed , now printed on the back of football jumpers , jerseys, guernseys.

Whiter than White

AFL team ,Carlton Blues soundly defeated St Kilda Saints on Monday Night wearing predominately white jumpers, jerseys, guernseys and white shorts.

Football on a Monday ?

AFL Teams , Carlton and St Kilda played last night in melbourne in front of 43,000 fans .