• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

In my local area , on Saturday , two fetes were advertised, promising appearances by , AFL football teams .

Richmond Football Club , were promised to appear at the Very Special Kids, fundraiser in Malvern .

Melbourne Football Club ,  attended  the Elsternwick Primary school fete , in Brighton , on the same day .

Spotted in the crowd at Malvern , was a little boy , wearing his Richmond Clash colours , football jumper , jersey , guernsey . Peering through the crowd  , he appeared  to be anxiously awaiting the arrival of his favourite player . Likewise at Brighton ,  several young fans  , wearing Melbourne colours , were spotted , milling in the crowd .

Must be the end of year  , fete  season ,where schools and organisations , are hoping to fill their coffers  , and raise additional funds  by holding these fundraisers .

Baby Dees in the Crowd
Baby Dees in the Crowd

Lets hope the little tiger in Malvern,  got to see his heroes .