• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Whilst the AFL Competition is on a break , Amateur Team AFL Football Jumpers , are being worn .

This morning spotted a green and gold VAFA guernsey , getting a workout at the local gym . Fans are wearing their amateur league football jumpers out , whilst the AFL colours are enjoying a well earned rest .


amateur jumper  Croc Logo
amateur jumper Croc Logo

Many of these jumpers are the traditional colours of AFL teams eg: red , white , and black , of STKFC.


amateur jumper STKFC colours
amateur jumper STKFC colours

Stripes , V’s , colours and sleeveless styles sometimes resemble their AFL counterparts . Some are old style woolen knitted jumpers ,  or acrylic fabric , and some have high numbers sewn on the back , and obscure club logos on the front . Often brilliantly coloured , these jumpers , can provide an entertaining piece of apparel , whilst the AFL Football Jumper , Jersey , Guernsey takes a summer holiday.