• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

The Australian Socceroos, were soundly defeated by Germany, 4 -0 in their opening round game , of the World Cup .

The Socceroos, minus Harry Kewell, who was selected on the bench, received a further blow when striker , Tim Cahill, was sent off, in the second half with a red card .

Sleepy fans , ( many got up at 4.30am EST to watch the game ),outplayed Socceroos team members , and befuddled coaches and managers alike, are dismayed .

Some poor decisions were made , in hindsight .

Not the least of which , was the style , of the Australian , team jumper , jersey , guernsey .

Fair enough , have the Australian Coat of Arms , but the footy jumper , jersey , guernsey , was a bit on the drab side .

Why, weren’t they playing in a colourful, streamlined , beautifully crafted , piece of apparel , like the modern day , AFL football jumper ?

I blame their lack of success on the jumper !

An AFL  Football Jumper
An AFL Football Jumper