• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

On Friday night the Melbourne Demons wore a pink yoke on their jumper instead of the traditional red .They also wore pink socks to promote Breast Cancer Network Australia.

The field umpires also wore a pink top and dark blue shorts to show their support.

Melbourne player Clint Bartram handballed to an umpire believing he was passing the ball to a teammate.

Poor visibility and similarity of dress created confusion.

Did it cost Melbourne the Game in a tight finish.?

Fans wore their jumper , jersey , guernsey to the Match .

The pink jumpers , jerseys , guernseys will be auctioned as a fundraiser for the BreastCancer Cause .

Over time they will become collectibles.

Demons Traditional jumper , jersey , guernsey
Demons Traditional jumper , jersey , guernsey