• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
Saints on SA soil
Saints on SA soil

To replay  that old 1960’s Kinks song , “ he’s a dedicated follower of fashion “, he’s a dedicated follower of Football .

Interstate flights , a Hotel Room , and tickets to the AFL Game were purchased , and the football jumper , jersey , guernsey , was lovingly packed for its trip .

With the club song in his heart , and joyful anticipation at the prospect of watching a good nights footy , the journey began .

The adventure began to go pear shaped when upon arrival on SA soil , rain bucketed down for 3 hours , and the local $2 shop had sold out of emergency ponchos . Further anguish ensued upon arrival at the ground, when it was discovered the pre-booked seats for the match, were in the  middle of the Opposition Team Members Area .

A teenage daughters mate texted  , ” what a dead set legend  ”, probably for both attending the game , and sitting amongst the  toughest group of fans , on this  most parochial of grounds  !A hard night at the office followed,  for this loyal  fan , a staunch  supporter of arguably the most success starved ,  of AFL clubs .

The well travelled , football jumper , jersey , guernsey will arrive home , colours lowered on the night , but hopefully not too severely scarred , ready to battle on . Now if only I can get the stains out . Hopefully , they are beer stains  , and are not the byproduct of too much beer consumption , which is said to be sprayed on opposition  fans , at this Ground , if you can believe Eddie Mc Guire’s Missus .

Ironic , that those left behind , spent Saturday afternoon shopping, and came home with a football jumper , jersey , guernsey , in the vanquished team’s colours.

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