• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

Shaun Higgins , a rising Bulldog star , rolled his ankle on Etihad stadium’s surface on Sunday afternoon .

AFL team the Western Bulldogs , one of five tenants of the ground will lodge their third complaint with the Stadium management. They believe Higgins was injured  because of the soft surface of the Ground .
The AFL Players’ Association is investigating the circumstances of Higgins‘ injury.

A Collingwood player from Sunday,s Game , Dale Thomas ,described the surface as tacky and shifting in spots.
The Bulldogs will send an official written complaint for the AFL.

Ultimately, the Dogs are seeking action as well as an explanation.

Nick Riewoldt , Saints skipper , hurt himself earlier in the year amid claims of an unstable surface at Etihad Stadium

Fans want to wear their jumper , jersey , guernsey to the Game and see their team and its stars play well.

What action will be taken ?

Will Lions fall at Etihad ?
Will Lions fall at Etihad ?