• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Matthew Richardson the likeable Tasmanian footballer announced his retirement from the Richmond FC over the summer break.

Tonight he will be honoured as one of the all time great players when he walks a lap of honour around the MCG.

This walk is pre game entertainment prior to the first match of the 2010 AFL Season between Richmond and Carlton .

There has been much coverage of this event in the media and cardboard cut out face masks of ‘Richo’ are available .

Large numbers of fans off both teams will be at the game in their team colour jumper , jersey , guernsey , some with the masks.

This repeats a trend that has developed when great players retire . A recent example was when Robert Harvey retired from the St Kilda Saints.

Avid supporters will wear or hold up the “Richo” mask above their jumper , jersey , guernsey.

It raises the question about other players retirements.

When Barry Hall retires from the Western Bulldogs will the MCG be awash with cardboard cut outs of his face . A very scary thought!