• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

There are several TV programs talking about afl football.

Channel 10 screens ‘ Before the Game ” which is on before they televise friday nights match .It is a panel with guest footballers , commentators and comedians.Very amusing , witty and good entertainment , it is generally a light hearted look at the footy.

The more infamous ” The Footy Show ” is on channel 9 on Thursday night .

It also has a panel made up of ex footballers , cricketers and afl commentators.

Featured are a panel of current afl players and media personnel.

Often controversial, it has won Logies in the past .Recently its popularity has waxed and waned with most footy fans still enjoying the thursday night spectacle.

Panelists support or play for an afl team They wear the football jumper of their chosen club invisibly but their is no doubt as to their clubs allegiance.

The audience participants wear their football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys.
Its a colourful spectacle as they boo , shout and roar when their teams football jumper appears .

Sam Newman's Old Jumper ?
Sam Newman's Old Jumper ?