• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Football Jumper , according to the Heinemann Australian Dictionary a jumper is ” a garment , usually knitted , worn on the upper part of the body for warmth , etc.”

Previously one of the functions of a football jumper was to keep a player warm.

In the modern era this is not its main role. It is used to market the Club ,the Colours, the Player and the Brand . .All are easily identifiable as belonging to a particular tribe and “keeping warm “is incidental .

Jumpers can be high fashion garments . Fans love to wear their Jumper.

Old style Jumpers are historical and collectable .Sentimentality and nostalgia dictate that the old style jumper will not die out .

Modern day Jumpers are streamlined , close fitting and generally made of a synthetic material designed to enhance the players performance.

Jumper , Jersey or Guernsey ? Wear yours to the Game this weekend.