• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

There is a growing demand for afl football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys Worldwide.

Fans of the game around the globe are purchasing and wearing their football jumper , jersey ,guernsey .

Popular with sports fans everywhere purchases are made on-line and despatched quickly.

The buyer can have their jumper , jersey, guernsey within days.

The AFL has built a solid fan base around the world .

Each year they take teams to the UK and play matches against international competitors.

AFL players act as ambassadors for their sport by visiting strife torn locations .eg South Africa.

They promote the brand by dispensing goodwill , running footy clinics and distributing jumpers in these areas.

The jumper , jersey , guernsey is securing a place on the world stage .

Once a coveted item for ex-patriate Australians it is now fashionable with a multitude of sports fans.

Ease of purchase and superiority of design and manufacture make it much sought after.

The AFL promotion of Aussie Rules Football is very effective . The wearing of a football jumper jersey guernsey is growing in popularity world wide.

Geelong Retro Football Jumper
Geelong Retro Football Jumper