• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

Yes , despite all evidence to the contrary , Melbourne is fast approaching summer , and hopefully we will get,  warmer weather .

Last Sunday , at St Kilda foreshore ,  I spotted , in two seperate locations , two young men wearing their AFL Kangaroos football jumpers over the top of their boardshorts . One was wearing lurid orange coloured , floral printed , boardies , whilst the other was in more subdued tones .The football jumper was very prominent because of its colour and style . Surely , as they were in St Kilda’ s heartland , they should have been  sporting Saints colours !

Whilst on the subject of the  Saints , Sam Gilbert was spotted , the day before ,  crossing Inkerman St , with a female companion in tow , near the site of the remodelled , Newmarket Hotel . Looking tanned and relaxed , following his AFL trip to Ireland for an afl display ,

In Saints home territory
In Saints home territory

is he now going into the pub game like many other afl footballers ?