• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

AFL Footy Headlines  for this week include


Can Blues topple Collingwood monster ?
Why can’t Saints win ?
Is Tigerland the new wowser state ?
How many Abletts do the Suns need to win ?
Is Giants a nickname for Midgets ?
Can Swans get another flag ?
Do the Lions have more ranga’ s than any other AFL team ?
Have the Dogs lost their bite ?
What is the Kangaroos shinboner spirit ?
Will the Crows stop crowing ?
Why are Freo purple ?
Do Port  like their new footy jumper ?
Are West Coast Eagles  to be 2012 Premiers ?
Does anyone follow Melbourne anymore ?
Why are Essendon always so cocky ?

Are Geelong running on empty ?

Is there a Hawthorn without Buddy?

All will be revealed , as fans , watch the footy , in their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys  .