• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

An all indigenous team of AFL Football Players , are playing games in Ireland , titled the International Rules Series . It uses a round ball , and different rules to AFL . Proud team members are wearing  Dreamtime themed , football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys .


Hawks footy Jumper
Hawks footy jumper

The Aussie team lost the first match by 22-points to Ireland , at Breffni Park in Cavan . Post match , their coach admitted they struggled with using a round ball , and found the positioning of the game confusing . He was not satisfied with their chase , run and tackling skills and believed they  failed to apply pressure to the opposition .

Vintage Tigers Footy Jumper
Vintage Tigers Footy Jumper



Bombers Jumper
Bombers Jumper

Buddy Franklin , new Sydney recruit , was one of the best on ground for the Aussies , but has now left  to attend a wedding back home .
The Australians will find it difficult to win the International Rules Series and the Cormac McAnnellen Perpetual Trophy.

The Indigenous All-Stars will have to win the Second Test by at least 23 points to do so. Coach O’Loughlin , believes they can win but concedes

“It’s going to be tough, absolutely, really, really tough. But stranger things have happened,” he said.

Reports of late night partying by the team after the loss , have also been downplayed by the coach . He believes they have settled now , are focused , and as a proud group of elite , AFL footballers , will attempt to win the Series and take pride in wearing  their indigenous football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys .