• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Today is Anzac Day. A day when Australians as a Nation honour those
killed in War and those who survived.

Traditionally the AFL allow the two afl teams Collingwood and Essendon to play in the only match of the day at the MCG.

It must be asked is this fair and equitable to all the other teams in the competition and their fans?

These other teams and supporters have also lost family and loved ones to Australia’s war efforts.

They also would like to attend a footy match on this day .

Ideally ,they would like to see their team play on Anzac Day.

Those two teams have enjoyed this preferential draw from the afl for a long time.

Why not West Coast ?
Why not West Coast ?

In the true Anzac spirit of the underdog prevailing against great adversity can other teams be given a chance to play?

A rotation amongst all the teams for match honours is fair and equitable .

All teams should get a chance to play on this one day a year.

Their fans should be able to choose to go and see them.

Will the match always remain between the afl’ s two favoured sons or will the aussie way of all getting a fair go prevail?

Patriotic fans will don their teams jumper , jersey, guernsey and attend the sellout match just to be part of the spectacle and support footy .

Many would like to see a changing of the guard and have the match more fairly distributed between all clubs and their fans.

Why doesn’t the AFL give it a go?

Protect the Baby Tigers
Protect the Baby Tigers