• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Nothing like it , Sunday afternoon in Melbourne , hundreds of fans surging down city streets , towards the  Football Stadium.

Most , are dressed in their teams colours , including football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys.

Cheerful expectation builds as the Ground gets closer.

All walks of life are represented . A feral , hippie young woman, sporting patchwork pants and dreadlocks with her Saints jumper on top. Family groups with flags , and kids with their favourite players number on the back of their jumper.

Groups of Gen Y’s in their jumpers , beanies or scarfs . There are also the senior fans with hand knitted scarfs , thermos ‘s and grey rinse perms , who have loved this game , and their team,  and come to the footy , throughout their long life .

All love the footy .

The atmosphere , the camaraderie , the building excitement , the roar of the crowd, the physical highs and lows of the players , even the smell of the turf .

AFL Football is a great spectator sport , and nothing rivals a closely contested Game,  for fans enjoyment.

Melbourne is Football
Melbourne is Football