• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Its finally arrived , the AFL Grand Final .

Fans,  have slept out for 3 days at the MCG, so they can get one of the coveted MCC,  members seats.

The Grand Final Parade, through Melbourne City streets,  is done and dusted . Nick Maxwell,  the Collingwood Captain , wearing sunglasses, held the Cup aloft , with Saint Captain, Nick Riewoldt  .

Record numbers of fans, wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , were there to cheer their respective teams .

Supporters, roamed the streets of Melbourne last night, wearing the red , white and black of St Kilda , or the black and white , of Collingwood.

Houses , in suburban streets, are decorated in the colours .

Melbourne Town
Melbourne Town

Some loyalties are divided . If your team isn’t playing do you support the unlucky Saints? Or do you put your voice behind, the mighty Magpie army?

Its a cool day in Melbourne , just a hint of sun. Perfect conditions for the Big Game .

AFL Football, has been plaqued with lots of headlines this year , dramas both on, and off the field . Injuries , rivalries , superhuman feats , notorious personal dramas , sacking of coaches , sex scandals, its all part of modern day footy .

Putting all this to one side ,today is the day , when fans everywhere, get to watch the greatest Match of all , between those judged the two great sides, in the competition.

Richmonds Home is the MCG
Richmonds Home is the MCG