• Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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How to identify a licensed Football Jumper

How to identify a licensed Football Jumper

The football jumper needs to have the official licensed tag
The tag has many formats
It usually says Official Licensed Product on the paper swing tag
The garment itself has a sewn in AFL licensed tag or if it is NRL it has the identication shield of the organisation
The sewn in tag will have the official logo of the organisation and the words official licensed product
Nearly all the NRL items and some of the AFL items have an additional tag sewn into the side of the jumper.
The AFL jumpers will have the logo of the AFL printed on the jumper together with a tag from the maunufacturer for example Puma or Nike
You can also identify an official licensed jumper by the correct colours
For example, Carlton will have a navy blue guernsey not a royal blue

In summary,

Look for official licensed product tag and label
Recognise iconic sponsor’s logos
Date the jumper’s age by sponsors logos
Licensed Football Jumpers are a quality item
Licensed Football Jumpers are properly made
Licensed Football Jumpers are made in Australia
Licensed Football Jumpers are uniquely Australian
Licensed football jumpers are made from good fabric
Licensed football jumpers are made in a good style
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