• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

On a cold , wet , wintry night at the MCG , the Bulldogs were denied victory by the Hawks.

In a hotly contested Game , the Hawks , triumphed over the Dogs , by three points .

Even new PM,  Julia Gillard’s support,  couldn’t  help the Western Bulldogs to victory .

Perhaps they need to fly her in for every game , to give them a morale boosting presence.

The Western Bulldogs , gallant in defeat , couldn’t halt the marauding Hawthorn Hawks , who have now won 7 matches in a row.

Fans turned out in their jumpers , jerseys , guernseys to watch the match .
It was AFL football at its best , as the two closely matched rivals , fought for ascendancy .

The Hawks , were lucky to prevail , and come out winners , at the match’s conclusion.

Hawks 7 in a row
Hawks 7 in a row