• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

All around the country on cold , weekend mornings , young kids are playing  AFL football, in local competitions and clinics  .

Parents ,often nursing hangovers , or lack of sleep , watch on, whilst their youngsters play .

Each kid is usually kitted out,  in their AFL,  football jumper , jersey , guernsey .

All 16 AFL teams are represented .

Obviously , parochial favouritism of local teams occurs , but generally each player has a liking , family history , or reason,  for supporting their team, and wearing the jumper .

Many , wear the number of a favourite player , on their back .

A kaleidoscope of colours , teams , allegiances in football jumpers, on a local scale .

AFL Football , is alive and well at grass roots level , as well as on the bigger stage.

Nic Natinui 's Number 9 for West Coast Eagles
Nic Natinui 's Number 9 for West Coast Eagles