• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

AFL players have their number printed on the back of the jumper , jerseys , guernseys with the afl logo on the bottom of the numbers .

Player numbers can be bought from most sporting goods stores . These are either ironed on or sewn on and are made from a variety of materials including fabric or coloured adhesive.

Often numbers were assigned for the following historic reasons ;

A club may give a certain position a specific number eg the ruckman will wear number 25.

The captain of the club will wear a certain number eg richmond tigers captain will wear no 17 as worn by the famous ” Captain Blood “, Jack Dyer.

A player will wear his fathers old playing number eg Stephen Silvagni wore number 1 the same as his father Sergio Silvagni.

How do you remove an old number from your jumper , jersey , guernsey ?

These are some ideas from readers ;

If the number is soft plastic you can rub it with alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover) to soften it and then try scraping it with a butter knife.

Try sticking duct tape very firmly over the number and then pull it off in one quick motion.

If the number has been applied using heat by applying more heat you may be able to peel it off, although this often leaves resin glue underneath.

Try heating the underneath of the number with an iron while placing a damp cloth over the top of it.Use the steam setting on your iron to get maximum heat and after a few minutes lift iron off the number and using tweezers see if it will peel off.

I have tried using nail polish remover with limited success .It melts the number which can then be peeled away. However corners of the number cannot always be removed using this method.

Does anybody have a method of getting rid of old numbers from jumpers? If so , let us all know !

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