• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

Another scandal has erupted around Brendan Fevola . Media and TV reports have revealed he has admitted to having a gambling habit causing great financial loss.

This comes a few days after the Richmond Football Club were involved in a drunken fracas in Sydney . Several Richmond football players , including Ben Cousins ,have been suspended by their club for varying lengths of time.All were fined .

Whilst these exploits make good tabloid headlines are they detracting from the reputation of the game and its enjoyment by fans ?

Players wear their jumper, jersey , guernsey with pride . They play football for an AFL team and are paid well for their effort . Elite athletes who set an example for young people and encourage all to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, participate in a team sport and get regular exercise .

Does anybody really care how much wealth is squandered in gambling venues by AFL players .

How many stories can we entertain about mid season drinking binges?

Players wear their jumper , jersey , guernsey and play to the best of their ability .

All the other hype surrounding players behaviour can stay behind the scenes.

Let the viewing public enjoy the spectacle of the game .

tiger cub
tiger cub
devil in disguise?
devil in disguise?