• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

The AFL 2014 fixture  is drawing to a close . Only three more games remain in the Home and Away 2014 season .Some teams will make the Finals , some will not . Fans , avidly following their teams fortunes , emblazoned in their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys ,hope their team will make it to the big stage in September  .


Dees footy jumper
Dees footy jumper

Many players are announcing their retirement , as their battle scarred bodies call a halt to the punishing training schedule ,  match day adrenalin , and mental and physical exhaustion , that is the reality of  playing modern day footy .

power retro
Power Retro Jersey

Fans have ridden the roller-coaster ride with many favourite players . They are sad to see the familiar faces and names call a halt . Now , they look forward to witnessing the new brigade of superb athletes,  receive the baton from the retirees, and take up the reins , to provide fans with more thrills , and  gut busting  excitement . Footy , its our game , and we welcome the new dawn .of the ever evolving face of footy .