• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Its almost Easter .The AFL has a split round for the holiday break which starts on Thursday night at the Gabba when the Lions play Carlton.

This round of matches has been spread over the four day break in a bid to get as many spectators as possible to all games .

Traditionally , it has provided some great competitions all played out in beautiful pre-winter weather around the country.

No games are played on Good Friday.It is still considered to be a part of the sacred Easter ritual and the afl will not schedule any games for this day .Attempts have been launched for this to happen but it has met with no success.
Easter is a clever marketing campaign by the afl who attract record crowds to the fixture.

Fans everywhere are in a relaxed holiday mode stuffed full of buns , chocolate and fish . All will turn out to barrack for their team in their clubs
colours jersey , jumper , guernsey .

Even those not at the Game will have radios and TV’s tuned to the game from the door of the tent or the kitchen shelf of the holiday cabin.

Its a chance for families to get together in their jersey , jumper , guernsey and go to the footy or listen to the game .

Get out there and enjoy it and don’t forget to wear the jersey , jumper , guernsey .