• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Sponsors come and go , team colours and mascots are forever .

Each football season sponsors will pay money to an AFL football club .This is so they can be featured on their all players clothing particularly their jumper , jersey , guernsey .They are receiving advertising and exposure of their company name in a unique way .

Millions of dollars are invested by companies who hope to receive wide exposure in this way .Clubs benefit substantially by signing lucrative deals which offer great financial benefit .

Tobacco companies and alcohol producers are no longer considered appropriate sponsors of sporting clubs .

Previously the breweries CUB , Tooheys or Tooths featured on many jumpers, jerseys , guernseys .

CUB promoted their brand on the front of the Brisbane Lions jumper , jersey , guernsey .These are now highly collectable .

Tobacco companies boldy promoted their sponsorship on jumpers , jerseys , guernseys.

Phillip Morris supported the St Kilda Saints .These jumpers , jerseys , guernseys with this sponsorship logo is still worn by ardent fans.

The pragmatic Saints also promoted Tooheys Brewery on the same jumper, jersey , guernsey .

Healthy Saints and their fans smoked and drank and were happy to promote both .

In these days of “political correctness “, a jumper , jersey , guernsey will promote anything but beer and cigarettes.

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