• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Must be Spring . The AFL Football Finals are on .

Last weekend was the start of the 2010 AFL Finals Series.

It was superlative entertainment , of the highest level .

This weekend promises further excitement, with the scheduled round of matches .

Quite apart from the physical , mental and verbal jousts , of the on field action, fans have been treated to sledging , between rival coaches , on and off the field.

Its raw , action packed , and emotive stuff that is not for the faint hearted . Many Saints fans can attest to this after last friday nights cliffhanger . Patrons were overheard being asked in a Balaclava coffee shop ( heart of St Kilda territory ) on Saturday morning ” hows the ticker ” ? The game was so close many sainters were in danger of having a heart attack before the final siren !

The old adage ” Winners are grinners and losers can suit themselves ” is most relevant .

Local fans , who have endured a long cold , wet Melbourne winter , floods , and election uncertainty , are poised to wrench every moment of enjoyment, from this final series.

Supporters everywhere , wearing their football jumpers, jersey’s , guernsey’s , say ” bring it on ” .

Are Collingwood Flag Favourites ?
Are Collingwood Flag Favourites ?