• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

Today’s Age Newspaper features an academic engineer researching the aerodynamics of sports balls including the Australian Rules Football .

He claims soccer balls are more reliable .

A comparison is made between the new World Cup Soccer Ball and the humble Australian Rules Football.

Simplistically, the soccer ball flies more accurately but not as far .

The Aussie Rules Footy travels further because of its ” shell ” shape.

The laces , bladder and stitching make the air flow around the AFL football asymmetrical giving it an unpredictable or erratic flight.

Ask any disappointed fan on game day or disgruntled full foward of any afl team about the Footy and its unreliable path .

Sherrin make the AFL's footballs
Sherrin make the AFL's footballs

The AFL football has not changed its design in 40 years.

Fans and players alike will follow the Football whatever the shape or design of the ball.

Likewise they will wear their jumper , jersey, guernsey to the Game and will be loyal and vocal in their support.

Ross Faulkner Native Brand Vintage Football
Ross Faulkner Native Brand Vintage Football