• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Training Jumper Jersey Guernsey

AFL Clubs wear different jumpers to train in to those worn on match day .

These training jumpers , jerseys , guerseys have the club mascot , logo and sponsors printed on them.

The jumper is the popular sleeveless style made from close fitting polyester .

The training jumper jersey guernsey is usually only one colour from the teams strip . eg the Power have trained in all black guernseys or all teal ones .

The current training strip of the Brisbane Lions is all red .

It creates a distinctive looking jumper, jersey, guernsey and one that is hard to get .

These jumpers, jerseys, guernseys are rapidly becoming highly collectable items .

Fans wear them to the Game and supporters everywhere like to wear them and keep them .

They are unusual and are a talking point amongst fellow supporters and collectors.

Lions training jumper jersey guernsey
Lions training jumper jersey guernsey
sponsors on back
sponsors on back