• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

Traditionally the term vintage was used to describe a wine harvest .

Now it is a very popular term to describe any item that is old and highly prized .

Old woollen football jumpers that have the old sponsors , logos and team players numbers can be described as vintage.

These vintage jumpers are highly desirable and collectable by fans , collectors , lovers of vintage clothing and fans of history of the afl code.

Increasingly hard to get too as more people want them .

Retro is another increasingly popular term to describe something at leas t10 years old .

According to the Heinneman Australian Dictionary , retro means latin ” a prefix meaning backwards , as in retrospect. ”

Jumpers , Jerseys , Guernseys that are old , whether they are vintage or retro are highly prized by fans and collectors alike .

vintage kangas ?
vintage kangas ?