• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Vintage football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , are highly sought by football fans,  and collectors alike.

Often, they belong to a team that no longer exists, or has been amalgamated ,into another team .

Vintage Hawthorn Football Jumper
Vintage Hawthorn Football Jumper

Popular teams in this category , are the Brisbane Bears , and the Fitzroy Lions .Both were either forerunners to , or were amalgamated , into the current Brisbane Lions team.

Avid fans and collectors , will seek out and secure football jumpers,  from this era.

Many collected jumpers are encased under glass , in frames , others are worn with pride , to the game .

Fond memories , of a bygone , gentler era , are embedded deep into these nostalgic jumpers.

The period during which they were worn,  evokes poignant memories of a simpler , spectator sport . Remember that lair on the field , Warwick Capper , in his very short shorts playing for the Brissy Bears?

Paul Roos , Sydney Swans incumbent coach , Captained and performed heroic feats proudly attired in his Fitzroy Lions jumper .

Memories , individual , irreplacable , and timeless, tied up with the fans reverie and nostalgia for a bygone era. All foster a love for AFL football .

Vintage 1987 Brisbane Bears Football Jumper
Vintage 1987 Brisbane Bears Football Jumper