• Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

White Football Jumpers are
look striking
generate revenue
attract fans to AFL Games
differentiate between two teams whose club colours are similar
Make for easy viewing
Help umpires

A good example of this is in the Demons versus Blues clash , today ,at the MCG.

TV Viewers and fans at the Game are able to tell the Demons and Blues players apart easily.

Melbourne is wearing predominantly white and Carlton are wearing navy blue .

The white Jumper , Jersey , Guernsey looks good , provides a viewing spectacle and there is no confusion for umpires , fans and players alike .

This Demons jumper , jersey , guernsey will become a collectible with its distinctive styling and striking colour combination .

Long live the red , blue and the WHITE.

Whiter than White Saints Jumper
Whiter than White Saints Jumper